BT OrthoCell® Pad Set

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BT OrthoCell® Pad Set

  • Reduces vibrations, protects hands and wrists
  • Comfortable damping without loss of performance
  • Noticeable comfort enhancement for all drop bars and bar tape
More damping, better pressure distribution. The pads are made of orthopedic high-performance foam which significantly increase comfort on road bike handlebars. The high-end German-made OrthoCell® material relieves the hands and wrists in every grip position and reduces discomfort.
Price $ 29.95 (Without VAT**)


  • RoadBIKE
    More comfort/damping

    – RoadBIKE 06/22

  • RoadBIKE
    Provides some volume in combination with the bartapes on skinny aluminum handlebars without applying too thick or feel spongy. All testers were impressed.

    – RoadBIKE 05/22

  • Rennrad News
    Noticeably reduces pressure peaks, conceals angular transitions, is very easy to place, and allows free choice of cockpit design. Tip.

    – Rennrad-News 15.03.22

Technical Specifications

BT OrthoCell® Pad Set
Road, Allroad/Gravel/Cyclocross
30 g*
OrthoCell® High End Foam
$ 29.95 (Without VAT**)

*Weights may vary in production. **Price can vary by country.


Extra comfort in every grip position Invisible under the handlebar tape

The OrthoCell® pads are placed under the handlebar tape where road cyclists have a firm grip. The comfort upgrade works in every drop bar grip position: on the tops of handlebar, on the brake/shift levers and in the drops.

OrthoCell® pads provide comfort in every grip position.

Perfect Fit Easily adjustable for any road-style handlebar

The four-piece damping set is suitable for nearly all handlebars found on road, all-road and gravel bikes. The pads fit the vast majority of drop bar handlebar shapes and can be shortened individually. With their adhesive strips, they can be easily fixed under the handlebar tape without slipping.

OrthoCell® pads can be shortened individually.

Orthocell® – Perfect For Cycling High-end material made in Germany

The very lightweight pads are made of orthopedic OrthoCell® foam. The high-performance material, which is only 2.5 mm thick, meets the requirements of cycling and is manufactured in Germany.

OrthoCell® high-end foam.

Better than Gel Top performance with more comfort

The OrthoCell® high-end foam used outperforms all gel alternatives with its superior material properties, making it the first choice for road cyclists who want more comfort without sacrificing performance. Compared to gel, OrthoCell® is more durable, does not break down, is more lightweight and offers significantly better damping and pressure distribution.

OrthoCell® high-end foam with superior material properties.


Optimal damping

The OrthoCell® pads flawlessly absorb shocks and vibrations during the ride. On rougher terrain, optimal damping is a decisive factor in preventing fatigue and discomfort in the hands and wrists, allowing you to put in the best possible performance for hours on end.

OrthoCell® pads provide optimal damping.

Best pressure distribution

Another major advantage of OrthoCell® pads is their ideal pressure distribution. When cycling, the hands support a large part of the upper body weight on the handlebars. There is constantly high pressure on a small area, and the nerve pathways of the hands can become irritated as a result. OrthoCell® pads reduce this risk by distributing the pressure over as wide of an area as possible in every gripping position.

OrthoCell® pads provide ideal pressure distribution

Upgrade for handlebars and bartapes

With the BT OrthoCell® Pad Set, Ergon offers all road cyclists an effective upgrade to noticeably increase grip comfort and prevent discomfort. Thanks to the outstanding material properties, performance remains unaffected.