BT Road

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BT Roadrace red

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  • Reduces hand discomfort and damps vibration
  • Direct ride feel, adapted freedom of movement
  • Less fatigue, more riding fun and performance
The perfect road bike handlebar tape must do many things: It increases comfort, feels good to the touch, provides a secure grip and delivers precise and direct control. The Ergon BT Road – with its 2 mm thickness and a fine, straight surface texture – offers allroad cyclists the perfect all-in-one solution. Pressure on the hands is reduced, vibration and shock is damped and riding pleasure and performance are greatly improved. The bar tape can be wrapped to individual preferences – thinner/thicker or increased/decreased grip texture  – as wrap positioning guide marks are incorporated into the bar tape surface pattern.
Price $ 32.95 (Without VAT**)

Technical Specifications

BT Road
Length: 2100 mm
Road, Allroad/Gravel/Cyclocross, Triathlon
135 g*
Race Red
2 mm
$ 32.95 (Without VAT**)

*Weights may vary in production. **Price can vary by country.


Increases enjoyment when road cycling

A low, stretched riding position with a highly angled saddle, relatively hard contact points with localized pressure on the sensitive nerves of the hand and wrist often leads to pain when riding a road bike. Ergon handlebar tapes reduce hand discomfort and nerve irritation. The variable thickness and special material structure with AirCell Foam damps vibrations and effectively distributes pressure on the hands.

BT Road Bartape reduces hand discomfort and nerve irritation.

Precise, direct ride feel

With the 2 mm thin BT Road tape, road riders benefit from optimum freedom of movement with a precise road bike feel, yet the extra comfort is clearly noticeable. Increased control on the road bars reduces hand fatigue – even on longer rides. This handlebar tape simply feels good, increases riding fun and improves performance.

The BT Road Bartape for more comfort for the hands

Fast hand positioning in any situation

The BT Road is not only the perfect connection between the hand and bike to the riding surface, the fine, straight surface texture of the handlebar tape also allows smooth, quick, hand positioning in any riding situation.

BT Road bartape with fine surface texture.


3 Layers for the perfect grip Non-slip, lightweight, less hand pressure

Ergon handlebar tapes is made of three precisely developed material layers. The water-repellent non-slip surface (Anti-Slip Comfort Top), the lightweight foam (AirCell Foam) and the adhesive tape on the underside all resulting in a secure grip, lasting surface durability and excellent pressure distribution with light overall weight.

Individual finde adjustment Integrated wrapping position marks makes it easy

With the incorporated wrapping position marks, the handlebar tape can be easily fine-tuned to your personal preference – wrap it a little thinner or a little thicker.

2 Directions More grip or more freedom of movement?

Dual directional surface. The wrapping direction determines your individual preference – for more grip or more freedom of movement.

Extra-Plus for more comfort Upgrade with the BT OrthoCell® Pad Set

For those that want even more comfort on road bike handlebars, Ergon has developed the 4-piece BT OrthoCell® Pad Set. The pads, made of orthopedic high-performance foam, are positioned under the handlebar tape to significantly increase comfort. The OrthoCell® high-end material, entirely developed in Germany, comforts hands and wrists in any grip position.