GP1 Evo Single Twistshift

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GP1 Evo Single Twistshift

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  • The evolution of the original award-winning comfort grip
  • Alleviates hand and wrist pain
  • Made in Germany
Ergon has further enhanced and refined the best-selling wing grip. The GP1 Evo is the new benchmark for hand comfort and support, is free of harmful substances and exceeds strict EU quality standards with a SGS certification. The Evo version elevates the original multi-award-winning comfort grip to the highest level of ergonomics and comfortable cycling. Design, development and manufacturing are Made in Germany to guarantee the highest quality product with increased sustainability and minimal waste production. The GP1 Evo Single Twist Shift variant has been specially developed for bicycles with twist shifters mounted on one side on the right. It includes a long grip on the left and a shortened grip on the right.
One Size
Single Twistshift
Price $ 39.95 (Without VAT**)


  • FAZ
    With the Ergon GP1 Evo you get very good grips that prevent pain and numbness in the wrists and are therefore ideal companions on long tours. We can highly recommend them.

    – FAZ_04.04.2024

  • Golden Badge
    Gold in the "Grips" category

    – MTB-News User Award 2024

  • Radfahren
    In terms of grip comfort and manufacturing, the new GP1 Evo is one of the best! And the damping and control are also convincing.

    – Radfahren_02/23

Technical Specifications

GP1 Evo Single Twistshift
Touring, E-Touring, MTB-Touring, E-MTB, Fitness, City
One Size
Single Twistshift
100% Recyclable Aluminum
$ 39.95 (Without VAT**)

**Price can vary by country.


Goodbye hand pain and finger numbness

Hand discomfort while cycling is common, especially on longer rides. With unsupportive conventional round grips, riders often experience numbness in the fingers, as well as pain and irritation in the palms and wrists. Discomfort in the forearms, upper arms, neck and shoulders, can also be attributed to unsuitable grips with poor support. With the iconic GP1wing shape, Ergon has made it possible for millions of cyclists to enjoy comfortable cycling for the over 20 years.

Complaint-free cycling thanks to the GP1 Evo

Distributes pressure, protects the nerves

While cycling, a significant percentage of a rider’s body weight rests on the hands. This leads to high amount of pressure on a small area of the grips. This often constricts the extremely sensitive ulnar nerve, which runs under the skin surface in the area of the pinky finger. The wing shape of the GP1 Evo, which is scientifically adapted to the hand, effectively distributes pressure over a larger area, preventing discomfort.

The wing shape of the GP1 Evo distributes the strong punctual pressure over a larger area

Aligned wrists prevents discomfort

Overly bent wrists while cycling results in nerves, tendons and blood vessels being compressed. This can lead to severe pain and mobility problems concerning the median nerve. The ergonomic wing design of the GP1 Evo gently supports the wrist in an ergonomically optimized position – effectively alleviating wrist pain and soreness and numb tingling fingers.

The ergonomic wing design of the GP1 Evo supports the wrist


Made in germany Highest quality, short production timeline, increased sustainability

Design, development, manufacturing - the GP1 Evo is "Made in Germany". This guarantees the highest standards across the manufacturing processes: maximum product quality, expedited production and delivery timelines, and secure supply chains. By sourcing all raw materials in Germany and using exclusively recycled plastics, we also contribute to increased sustainability and minimal waste.

Design, development, manufacturing - with the GP1 Evo everything is

Unique rubber grips Free from harmful substances and SGS certified

The unique LongLife rubber compound in the GP1 Evo exceeds European quality standards, is free of harmful substances and as SGS certification. Even the European Toy and Food Standard is met - a particularly important aspect for gloveless cyclists whose hands often have direct skin contact with the grips for hours. Two durometers of grip rubber provide the best damping and comfort.

The GP1 Evo with SGS certification

Safe, simple, subtle Forged aluminum clamp for security

Extremely safe and easy to mount. With a single aluminum clamp, each grip is secured to the handlebar. The high-quality, forged aluminum clamp allows for customized and ergonomic optimized adjustment of the wing angle. The screw of the clamp is located on the underside of the grip offering a streamlined appearance.

A forged aluminum clamp for the perfect grip

High-tech textures Laser precision textures for each gripping zone

In a technically perfected manufacturing process, the GP1 Evo has been given modern surface textures perfectly adapted to the hand. The laser-applied textures are not only precise, but also give the ergonomic wing outstanding comfort.

Precise laser textures for each grip area

Comfortable and secure Inner core made of glassfiber reinforced plastics

The inner core is instrumental in the performance and comfort of the GP1 Evo. The core provides security, dampens vibrations and allows the grip to sit comfortably in the hand. The inner core of the GP1 Evo is made plastic that we have reinforced with fiberglass.

Inner core made of recycled plastic with glass fibers

The froböse formula Seal of quality for quality of life

The GP1 Evo has been awarded the rating "Recommended" by " Froböse Formula.” Developed by renowned university professor, health expert and bestselling author Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse, the “Froböse Formula " is a scientific seal of quality for products in the areas of exercise, nutrition and regeneration - a guide to increased quality of life, health and comfort.

Formula Froboese certified

A 20 year success story From the original wing grip to the GP1 Evo

The Ergon GP1 has been the industry standard in bicycle wing grips for 20 years. Millions of happy cyclists have put their trust in the GP1. The worldwide bestselling grip has been awarded countless test wins and awards. For us, that was not enough. We have continuously improved the original GP1 in function, material and workmanship and now set a new milestone with the GP1 Evo.

The Ergon GP1 has been the reference in bicycle wing grips for 20 years

Always the perfect fit Adapted to various shifting systems

Our GP Series of grips are available in special configurations for different shifting systems. For trigger shifters, both grips are the same length. For Gripshift or Dual-Twist-Shift, both grips are shortened. For Rohloff, Nexus and Single-Twist-Shift cyclists are provided a short right grip and full-length left grip.

The grip variant Gripshift® is delivered as GP1 model, not GP1 Evo model.

The Ergon GP1 fits any type of circuit