GP1 Gripshift®

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GP1 Gripshift®

  • The Original
  • No more sore wrists
  • No more numb fingers
The GP series is a perfect solution for common wrist pain during cycling. In particular the Gripshift® version offers an ergonomic approach to double twist shift pain relief. Further benefits of this grip are the pure rubber compound, easy to install clamping mechanism, approved back friendly ergonomics, and approved for carbon handlebars.
Price $ 39.95 (Without VAT**)


  • FAZ
    With the Ergon GP1 Evo you get very good grips that prevent pain and numbness in the wrists and are therefore ideal companions on long tours. We can highly recommend them.

    – FAZ_04.04.2024

  • Golden Badge
    Gold in the "Grips" category

    – MTB-News User Award 2024

    In the fight against numb fingers and wrist discomfort among cyclists, Ergon developed the GP1 18 years ago and revolutionized the bike grip.

    – MyBIke 02/22

  • Radfahren
    Top ergonomics!

    – Radfahren 07–08/21

  • aktivRadfahren Testsieger 04/2018
    Also convinces in this test with consistently good results!

    – aktivRadfahren 04/2018 Testsieger / 24 v. 30 Pkt.

  • RADtouren
    The Ergon grips make the cockpit ergonomic and help to bring more comfort to the sporty bike.

    – RADtouren 03/2018

    The grips are suitable for a wide range of bikes. On long bikepacking tours, they are a must have.

    –, 12/2019

Technical Specifications

GP1 Gripshift®
Touring, E-Touring, MTB-Touring, E-MTB, Fitness, City
Black / Grey
100% Recyclable Aluminum
$ 39.95 (Without VAT**)

**Price can vary by country.


Nerve relief

When riding, your hands support a lot of your upper body weight on the handlebars, placing high pressure on a relatively small grip area. In many cases this pinches the extremely sensitive ulnar nerve that runs near the base of the palm near the pinky and close to the skin’s surface – often causing numbness. The wing grip increases the hand’s supporting area by distributing pressure over a wider surface and thereby preventing discomfort.

Durch starke punktuelle Belastung wird der Ulnarnerv abgeklemmt. Der Flügel schützt den Ulnarnerv und beugt somit Taubheitsgefühlen in den Fingern vor.

Ergonomic solution

If your wrist is bent too much for too long, nerves, tendons and blood vessels are compressed. The result is the carpal tunnel channel is constricted, which could damage the median nerve. Long rides and fatigue make it even harder for the rider to maintain a correct and healthy posture. The wing design of our GP grips gives the hand more support and automatically puts the wrist into a more ergonomic position, preventing numbness, tingling and pain.

If the wrist is bent too much, the carpal tunnel is jammed. The solution is provided by the wing grip: it optimally aligns the wrist and thus stretches the carpal tunnel.

Two sizes – for individualized control

In order to help you maintain perfect control over your bike, your hands should not completely envelop the grip, which is why Ergon offers many grips in two size diameters – Small and Large. The difference refers to the grip width (hand size), meaning a larger hand will have a more positive fit on a thicker grip, while a smaller hand is better fit to a smaller grip. For hand/glove sizes 6.5 to 8.5 we recommend Small, for 8.5 to 10.5 Large usually is better.

The GP3 is offered in Small and Large. For hand(glove)sizes 6.5 – 8.5 we recommend the size Small, for 8.5 – 10.5 size Large.


Exclusive quality Grip rubber Made in Germany

The material used in Ergon grips meets the highest quality purity standards, is TÜV-certified, durable and absolutely unique in the world of cycling grips. Developed using medical grade white oil as the only plasticizer. The UV-resistant rubber compound has been developed and is manufactured exclusively for Ergon in Germany. Ergonomics, product design and engineering – all Made in Germany.

TÜV-certified grip rubber

Playing it safe Locked down for safety

The GP Series clamping system is extremely secure and easy to mount. Each grip is tightened with only one bolt to reliably secure its position and to prevent twisting. Another important safety feature is that Ergon’s aluminum clamps are cold forged and not extruded – resulting in a much stronger structure.

The grip clamp of the GP1 in the outside of the grip.

Feel-good Grip It’s in the mix

Minimum friction – maximum comfort: Gripping confidence is enhanced with Ergon’s super soft, UV resistant, durable compound and specific texture patterns. Additionally, your riding enjoyment is elevated with a noticeable pleasing to the touch feel.

Ergon-GP1-Griff mit griffigem Texturfeld.

The Formula Froböse A Seal of Quality for improving an active life

Following the “Froböse Formula” the Ergon GP1 has earned itself the “Recommended” rating. This label is a scientific seal of quality for products in the field of exercise/training, nutrition and recovery and was developed by the renowned university professor, health expert and bestselling author Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse – a mark for improving the quality of an active life.

From Prototype to an Icon How an idea revolutionized the cycling world

“Why do we have pain in our hands when riding bikes?” That was the question Franc Arnold – the founding father of Ergon – asked back in 2002. Intensive scientific research studies by a team of specialists soon lead to the first prototypes and the founding moment of Ergon. The idea excited cyclists all over the world and started a new category within the cycling market. Today there is a version of the original GP1 grip to meet almost every riders need.

Always the perfect fit Fits any type of shifting mechanism

Some models of our GP series, including the GP1, are available in special versions for different shifting capabilities. For a regular shifting, both grips are the same length. The version for Gripshift® or Dual-Twist-Shift twist-grip shifts includes two shortened grips, for Rohloff®, Nexus® and Single-Twist-Shift only the grip on the right side is shortened.

The GP1 is available for various shifting systems: Standard trigger shifters, Gripshift® or Dual Twist Shift twist shifters, Rohloff®, Nexus® and Single Twist Shift.