GA3 Single Twist Shift

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GA3 Single Twist Shiftblack

  • The best of two worlds
  • MTB ergonomics with mini-wing
  • Rubber made in Germany

Trail comfort grip with miniwing

The best of both worlds: With the GA3 Single Twist Shift, the Twist Shift capable wing grip now enters the all-mountain world. The GA3 Single Twist Shift combines all of the supportive benefits of a wing grip with the control of a round grip.

One Size
Single Twist-Shift
Price $ 34.95 (Without VAT**)


  • Golden Badge
    Gold in the "Grips" category

    – MTB-News User Award 2024

  • Radfahren Testsieger 4/2021
    Excellent all-rounder that is rooted in the sports sector. Many variants, the consistent top marks and many beautiful details turn it into the test winner.

    – Radfahren 04/21, 24 out of 25 pts. / Test winner with seal


Wrist relief

If the wrist is bent too much when biking, the carpal tunnel can be compressed. The carpal tunnel syndrome can be noticed by a burning pain in the hand or forearm. The wing grip offers a perfect solution to this common issue. By correcting the hand position with a more ergonomic surface area, the carpal tunnel is relieved and pain is prevented.

If the wrist is bent too much when biking, the carpal tunnel can be compressed.

Even softer – even more grip

As a further development of the GA2 series, the textures of the GA3 grip are even more adapted to the hand and thus require less gripping forces.

Der GA3-Griff von Ergon mit an die Hand angepasster Textur.


Easy Twist Compatible with Single Twist Shift

The GA3 Single Twist Shift (long-short version) is specially designed for single twist shifts. Rubber-sheathed outer clamps offer generous space with a wide grip position.

Ergon-GA3-Griff in der Single-Twist-Shift-Variante.

Exclusive Quality Grip rubber Made in Germany

The material used in Ergon grips meets the highest quality purity standards, is TÜV-certified, durable and absolutely unique in the world of cycling grips. Developed without filler and using medical grade white oil as the only plasticizer. The UV-resistant rubber compound has been developed and is manufactured exclusively for Ergon in Germany. Ergonomics, product design and engineering – all Made in Germany.

SGS TÜV Saar: schadstoffgeprüft

Inner Clamp Internal clamp

The internal aluminum clamp of the GA series leaves ample space for a wide gripping style.

Ergon GA3 grip with internal aluminium clamp.

Inner Core Tapered wall thickness

The wall thickness of the inner core is tapered, meaning it proceeds with different, precisely calculated diameters to optimize the damping comfort of the grips.

Ergon GA3 grip with butted inner core.