Ergon CORE 3D®

The Pain-Free Support Formula

CORE 3D® Natural Movement & Shock Absorption

Advantages of CORE 3D®

Pressure-Free Surface

The Ergonomic CORE and TwinShell design actively supports a rider’s natural pelvic movements while pedaling, eliminates pressure and friction on the sit bones and absorbs shock and vibration from the road or trail surface.

Eliminates numbness

The anatomically adapted saddle surface is specifically developed for women or men. A significant relief channel is optimally positioned for the needs of each gender to eliminate numbness and pain on every ride.

Certified Back Friendly

CORE 3D® allows the pelvis to freely move while pedaling to reduce stress and pain in the lower back and are the first saddles ever awarded the seal of approval “Campaign for Healthier Backs” by the Better Living and Federal Association of German Back Schools.

The Ergonomic Core and TwinShell Design

Ergon has reinvented the bicycle saddle with CORE 3D®. Saddle design hasn’t changed since 1960: rails, shell, padding, and cover. A typical saddle’s supporting shell must be made extremely stiff to carry the weight and resist the movements of the rider – an extremely limiting factor in comfort. Ergon’s revolutionary new patented design uses an Ergonomic CORE of BASF Infinergy® elastomer foam layered between a TwinShell system – separate upper and lower saddle shells – allowing the saddle surface to move in 3D with the rider to absorb shock and vibration, eliminate pressure on the sit bones and relieve stress on the lower back with each pedal stroke. With saddle models for mountain bikers, e-mountain bikers, touring riders and casual cyclists CORE 3D® is the Pain-Free Support Formula!

The saddle revolution with Ergonomic Core

Patented Design

Ergon is the creator of a completely new, revolutionary level of performance and comfort with CORE 3D® – our patented Ergonomic Core working within our unique TwinShell system.

The Ergonomic Core

Thousands of E-TPU particles are formed into a homogeneous lightweight structure providing comfort, energy return and support while isolating the rider from shock and vibrations from the road and trail surface.


Revolutionary Material

BASF Infinergy® is the world's first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU) foam – an incredibly responsive, comfortable and durable material.

100% Comfort

CORE 3D® absorbs road and trail shock and vibration, eliminates pressure on the sit bones and allows the pelvis to move freely to significantly reduce back strain while providing unequalled comfort.

CORE 3D® Saddles - For Mountain, Tour and City

SM E-Mountain Core Series

Better traction plus maximum comfort uphill: the rear ramp and our revolutionary Core 3D® technology inspire e-bikers to conquer steep terrain. Reduced numbness, proven back-friendly.