BA Hip Pack

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BA Hip Pack

  • Perfect fit
  • Adjustable with one hand
  • Space for everything important
The BA Hip Back is designed to meet the highest demands of enduro, all-mountain and gravel terrain and provide the perfect balance of ergonomics and ride comfort. Due to the lack of a back plate, standard hip packs tend to shift when ridden in technical terrain. Ergon solves this common complaint with a wide, slip resistant hip belt combined with a unique compression system that provides a reliable and stable fit. The compression system is a twist mechanism that the rider can easily adjust with one hand, securing pack essentials or even a hydration bladder safely and unnoticeably to the body.
Price $ 99.95 (Without VAT**)

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    Top: the simple layout and the side pocket for keys or minitools.

    – MountainBIKE 04/22, 3x Plus / 1x Minus

  • Freeride
    Sturdy construction, robust materials, extensively equipped. Top: the prorecting straps housed at the bottom and the splash guard on the main compartment.

    – FREERIDE 02/22, 8.5 out of 10 pts.

  • BIKE
    Sturdy construction, robust materials, extensively equipped. Sits flat and secure in the descent. Top: the protecting straps housed at the bottom, the splash guard on the main compartment and the cell phone holder.

    – BIKE 07/22

  • BIKE
    Stable construction, robust materials, extensively equipped. Top: The protecting straps housed at the bottom and the splash guard on the main compartment.

    – BIKE 07/21, Note: good / 50 points

Technical Specifications

BA Hip Pack
All-Mountain/Trail, MTB-Touring, Enduro, E-MTB, Allroad/Gravel/Cyclocross
3 l
$ 99.95 (Without VAT**)

**Price can vary by country.


Perfect fit

Numerous test wins, awards and seals of approval have proven the first-class ergonomic comfort of Ergon backpacks. The Hip Pack is an evolution from this long-standing expertise and continues to lead with its refined fit.

One-hand compression

Ergon’s exclusively developed ratchet mechanism allows the hip pack to be cinched close to the body with just one hand, even while riding.

Hip belt with optimal adjustment

The wide hip belt is ventilated by mesh inserts and ensures a stable, ergonomic fit of the Ergon Hip Pack in any riding situation. The upper and lower edge of the hip belt can be individually tensioned. This provides an additional level of compression to secure the pack to the body.


Storage Miracle Top organized pockets and compartments

The Ergon BA Hip Pack is designed for riders who want to ditch the shoulders straps of a backpack but not ride without their essentials stored in a safe and comfortable fashion. The pockets of the BA Hip Pack are divided into a main compartment on top with a pocket to store your keys and another pocket towards the lower portion of the main compartment. In addition, there is an additional pocket as well as a cell phone pocket on either side of the pack.

More freedom while biking Freedom of mobility

The BA Hip Pack takes the weight off the rider’s back and allows for an increase of mobility when compared to a traditional backpack. It relieves the spine, brings the weight on the hips thus closer to the rider’s center of gravity. This improves mobility and balance, offering an elevated advantage to meet the demands of mountain biking.

Optimal fluid supply Hydration bladder option

The BA Hip Pack offers a tailor-made way to carry an Ergon BH150 hydration bladder (1.5 liter volume) in a practical horizontal format.