SR Tri Men Front

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SR Tri Men Front

  • More performance thanks to the Power Position Front: faster on the bike, faster in the run
  • Ergonomic relief for less muscle fatigue and higher performance
  • Over three years of development in collaboration with the world's fastest triathletes
Higher performance thanks to less pressure in the saddle contact area, the SR Tri Men Front puts your power where it belongs – on the road. Together with World class triathletes Jan Frodeno (3X Ironman Hawaii and Olympic champion) and Jan Stratmann (3rd Ironman 70.3 World Championship 2023), the Ergon development team has created the revolutionary Power Position system. In the aero position, there are riders who increase the loading on the front area of the saddle and therefore need an optimized shape to maximize performance and avoid painful muscle fatigue.
Price $ 249.95 (Without VAT**)

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Technical Specifications

SR Tri Men Front
220 g*
$ 249.95 (Without VAT**)

*Weights may vary in production. **Price can vary by country.


The right saddle for every triathlete Find your Power Position

Our yearslong research with Project Tri has revealed that not all triathletes are the same. Some riders sit with more pressure on the middle of the saddle, while others sit towards the front. This is precisely why our development team created the Power Position system and designed a perfect saddle for each riding position.

Lower and flatter Relief for a forward sitting posture

The V-shape top view of the SR Tri Men Front is specifically designed for triathletes who tilt their pelvis forward in the aero position and place more pressure on the front of the saddle –requiring special ergonomics for optimum relief.

V-shape for optimum relief Power to the Front!

The front position allows a lower aero posture – the back is flatter and the front area of the saddle is especially loaded. This leads to increased pressure in the genital area, which is relieved by the distinctive V-shape with a short and wide front area.

Developed with top triathletes Jan Stratmann sits front

During the three-year development of Project Tri, our experts analyzed various sitting positions of top triathletes. For example, Jan Frodeno and Laura Philipp ride in the Power Position Mid and Imogen Simmonds and Jan Stratmann ride in the Power Position Front.

Easy setup and adjustment Optimum adjustment with the BMR line

The BioMechanical Reference line (BMR line) is marked on the saddle surface of all SR Tri saddles. This shows the meridian of the saddle – the point at which the saddle is exactly 75 millimeters wide. The BMR line is a reference point for the correct fitting of height, fore/aft position, inclination and the correct saddle nose distance. The BMR line is also an important reference point for precise adjustment using our Fittingbox Road.

Made in Europe Sustainable quality with precision

The SR Tri Men saddle is Made in Europe! This guarantees the best material quality and manufacturing while shortening supply chains, reducing production waste and complying to European recycling standards. That’s good for the environment – and good for you!


Precisely tuned support

The padding of the SR Tri Men utilizes resilient Orthopedic Comfort Foam that’s precisely shaped for the demanding requirements of triathlon training. It’s firm enough to prevent energy loss (vs excessively soft padding) while providing optimized support to effectively reduce pain and pressure.

More freedom, more speed

The ergonomically optimized V-shape design of the SR Tri Men Front is specially developed for the demands of triathlon. With its short and wide nose, the saddle offers you maximum legroom without increasing pressure on the sensitive perineal area. The short saddle nose also provides space for micro-movements, improves pressure distribution over long distances and enables optimum pedaling ergonomics. This effectively prevents back muscle fatigue and relieves the muscle sequences you’ll need for running. This means: more power on the bike and a better start to the run!

Targeted relief against numbness and pain

During long rides in the aero position, pressure on the sensitive perineal area is persistently very high – reducing blood flow to the genital area. This can lead to numbness and erectile dysfunction in the worst cases. The SR Tri Men is equipped with an especially wide and deep relief channel that guarantees effective pressure relief and enhanced comfort.