Flip Head Kit for Carbon Rails

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Flip Head Kit for Carbon Rails

Maximum comfort for all – We want the outstanding features of our CF Allroad Pro Carbon leaf spring seatpost on every road bike, all-road and gravel bike. This is why we offer cyclist* who prefers a saddle with 7×9 oval carbon rails the Flip Head Kit compatible with oval rail clamps. The Flip Head Kit fits the straight version of the Ergon CF Allroad Pro Carbon as well as the Setback model.
Price $ 29.95 (Without VAT**)
€ 29,95 (With VAT**)

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Technical Specifications

Flip Head Kit for Carbon Rails
Allroad/Gravel/Cyclocross, Road
20 g*
for Oval Carbon Rails (7x9 mm)
$ 29.95 (Without VAT**)
€ 29,95 (With VAT**)

*Weights may vary in production. **Price can vary by country.


Safe and compatible For oval carbon rails

The Flip Head Kit clamps can be used with saddles with 7×9 oval carbon rails from various saddle manufacturers on the market today.

The Flip Head Kit for saddles with oval carbon rails.

Easy to adjust Maximum saddle adjustment due to rotatable clamps

For the best possible adjustment of your saddle position, the rail clamps (Flip Head) of the leaf spring seatpost can be easily rotated. This gives the CF Allroad Pro Carbon and the CF Allroad Pro Carbon Setback an extremely wide adjustment range for the optimal saddle position.

Maximum saddle adjustment range due to rotatable jaws.