Less Muscle Fatigue – Powered by Frodeno

The new SR Triathlon Men: Designed to reduce muscle strain in the back and lower back while performing at a high level and improving pedaling comfort.

SR Triathlon Men – Less Muscle Fatigue

Throughout my career, it has been particularly important to me to optimize all the components on my bike, down to the last detail. Sitting was one of the last endeavors ready for refinement. My collaboration with Ergon over the last two years has now alleviated any discomfort on the saddle. Thanks to the Ergon SR Triathlon Men saddle, I can consistently push harder in the aero position, while minimizing fatigue so that I have a better transition to running.

– Jan Frodeno

Continuous strain on the core and support muscles can cause fatigue, pain, and stiffness, hindering performance. The Ergon SR Triathlon Men’s saddle was designed in collaboration with Jan Frodeno to reduce muscle stress in the back and lower back during high-performance situations, and to optimize pedaling ergonomics. The saddle’s ergonomic shape and padding allow for micro movements to alleviate stress on the body and reduce friction.

The new SR Triathlon Men is now available on Canyon’s limited edition Speedmax CFR Moonshot.

From spring 2024, the SR Triathlon saddle series will be available in stores.

SR Triathlon Men – full power for Jan Frodeno

More Relief with dynamic Sitting

The Ergon SR Triathlon’s shape is specifically designed to reduce muscle fatigue. The flat front and ergonomic design decrease friction and provide more room for micro movements, resulting in less stress and rigidity for the rider’s back and lower back.

Best Stance – best Performance

The slim saddle nose supports a closed, parallel leg position for improved pedaling ergonomics. Proper leg placement also reduces overall riding fatigue, especially on longer trips.

No Pain, more Gain – long Distance Comfort at its best

Sitting for extended periods with less stress – with the Ergon SR Triathlon Men, you gain support that offers optimal relief for long-distance rides – because pain-free rides mean better performance.

A Better Start for the Run

The SR Triathlon saddle improves performance even after you get off the bike. The design provides relief and optimizes pedaling ergonomics for more mobility and less fatigue, helping you get into a fast run.

Originated from Project TRI: Speed is in the Details

During Ergon Project TRI and with the help of world-class triathletes Jan Frodeno and Imogen Simmonds, we pursued the goal of optimizing saddle ergonomics of triathletes down to the smallest details.

Project TRI: Ergonomic expertise meets world-class triathlon

In the top tier of endurance sports, the requirements of the three different disciplines are closely linked. The transition zone challenges athletes not only in terms of time, but also in terms of preparing the body for the next discipline. In the case of transitioning from cycling to running, the sitting position on the bike can affect in the outcome of the marathon run directly. During Project TRI, Ergon’s development team worked together with world-class triathletes, Jan Frodeno and Imogen Simmonds, with the goal to optimize saddle ergonomics down to the smallest detail and elevate the athletes’ performances. 20 years of experience and ergonomic expertise allow us to tackle and solve these problems at the highest level.

In research and development, ergonomics is at the forefront of our efforts.

Utilizing joint studies with numerous triathletes, we develop tailor-made saddle solutions. The consideration of gender-specific saddle shapes plays a central role in a saddle design. Different pelvic shapes of men and women require individual saddle constructions for each gender. Saddle comfort and relief are key to top performances for professional athletes.

Through extensive testing and rider feedback, the first prototypes are built in-house in Koblenz, Germany. The athletes test them extensively in training and competition and give us their direct and well thought out feedback. This allows us to further refine and optimize the prototypes.

The Ergon GP1 Evo (YouTube)

Jan Frodeno X Ergon Project TRI

A comfortable, aerodynamic position that lets me put all my power to the pedals and eases the transition to the run is crucial to winning. From the start of the development process, the focus was clear – deliver the maximum ergonomic support I need to guarantee the highest performance advantage. My collaboration with Ergon is doing just that.

Jan Frodeno was the first to win both the gold medal at the 2008 Olympic Games and the World Champion title at Ironman Hawaii in 2015, 2016 and 2019. He’s at the top of the list when it comes to German triathletes in the Ironman distance.

His next goal: victory at Ironman Hawaii. In 2022, this dream unfortunately burst for Jan due to an unfortunate injury. But the strong-willed athlete will drive forward to compete on an Ergon triathlon saddle at IronmanNice, Italy in 2023. His goal is to take back the Ironman title. The perfect preparation of man and machine will be crucial for success.

For Jan, fine-tuning his fitness and performance in each of the three disciplines is the real motivation. Years of commitment to the sport help this veteran to enjoy the process and to live in the moment.

Imogen Simmonds X Ergon Project TRI

I have had problems sitting on a bike in the past (...) Working with Ergon has opened my eyes to how important it is and how different aspects of the saddle can be changed to really be specific to a particular person, their biomechanics and how there are so many different variables involved.”

Imogen Simmonds is a triathlete and European Champion in the Ironman distance for 2019. With her British-Swiss origins, she is currently listed as one of the top Swiss triathletes.

Her top goal this year was to re-enter the sport after injury and surgery. She more than succeeded by taking the win at Ironman 70.3 Gdynia.

The pursuit of perfection in all three sports is always a full commitment. The secrets to success, in addition to hard work, is a good team in the background. Great partners in sports were a blessing for Imo and made all the difference in her final performance. For the triathlete, the saddle is one of the most important components of the bike race.

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